Advantages Of In Vitro Fertilization

Having babies is the most blissful part of couple relationships and not able to conceive stresses most of us. Usually regarded as IVF, in vitro fertilization is a common treatment for couples with infertility; such a treatment is used only by couples who have trouble conceiving without intervention. The procedure begins with the female partner taking medications so as to stimulate her ovaries, hence producing more eggs than normal. The next step would be harvesting of these eggs surgically, once they have ripened.

Then, the sperm from the male partner is fused with the female partner's eggs in the laboratory and the embryos are grown in the lab for 3-5 days. It is after this that the most viable embryos are transferred back to the woman's uterus. The procedure of in vitro fertilization completes technically when he female partner turns out positive on the pregnancy tests taken 7-10 days later.

For couple with peculiar type of infertility, the IVF procedure is certainly a boon for it boosts the odds of getting pregnant.

Even women who have blocked fallopian tubes have a good enough chance to get pregnant through this procedure. Opting for this procedure is also helpful when the male sperm count is low or bear issues of impacting their ability to fertilize the eggs!

Cost of IVF treatment

Of course this procedure is expensive and is somewhat an invasive method as far as the other medical treatments are concerned. Also, it's not something to be agreed to without proper consideration. But for couples who have been desperately trying and praying to conceive, the cost of in vitro fertilization treatment doesn't stop them.  And for these couples, such a treatment does bear a lot of advantages as well. The success rate of such a procedure is higher for younger women than older women, but nevertheless, it's one solution that answers cries of many barren couples.

Roughly, the cost of one cycle of IVF treatment runs to $ 12,000, if ICSI or any other ancillary methods are not used. In certain cases, this cost may vary from as low as $ 10,000 to as high as $ 15,000. The cost of in vitro fertilization depends on several circumstances such as the clinic the couple chooses, their geographic location and their type of infertility issue. In some cases, couples even choose to freeze their unused embryos to use in future cycles and as such, this treatment turns out to be cheaper.

Be An Egg Donor

Though most of us are aware of the egg donation procedure, very few people consider the option. However, it is actually advantageous to become egg donor. Firstly, there are very few egg donors to meet the demand. Secondly, it's a deed that makes one feel good, by helping to fulfill other's dream. Moreover, egg donors are paid thousands of dollars!  

In vitro fertilization treatment also used to test genetic abnormalities in the eggs before transferring back into the mother.  The most important consideration to make is choosing the right clinic, which is skilled and technologically equipped to offer the best of the treatment.

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